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Hey, I'm Ricky👋

I'm a software wizard hailing from the world of palm trees and traffic, Los Angeles. I'm skilled at conjuring exceptional websites, applications, and all sorts of digital magic in between. They don't call it "coding" here, it's more like weaving the matrix. And occasionally, I moonlight as a pixel Picasso, designing sleek interfaces that even Leonardo da Vinci would double-tap on Instagram.

Unveiling the Code Conjurer

Donning my developer cape, I've always been a cyber Sherlock Holmes, sleuthing out elegant and effective solutions for the most cryptic of digital conundrums. My coding powers are fueled by a solid foundation in the mystical languages of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, enabling me to twirl between front-end and back-end development like a code-wielding ballerina. My mission? To fine-tune performance, level-up user experiences, and to ensure my code is as clean and shiny as a newly minted bit coin.

I've traveled across the digital landscape, from crafting humble static websites to architecting complex enterprise-level applications, all while wielding an array of magical artifacts like React, Vue.js, Node.js, and Laravel. But I'm not just about the tried and true - my voracious curiosity propels me to constantly unearth, learn, and assimilate new technological wizardry. Right now, I'm brewing up a storm in the realm of Swift, with a freshly baked app soon to leap out of the oven and into the app-sphere. Brace yourselves, because this code magician is just getting started!

Showcasing My Digital Sorcery









Glimpse Into My Code Laboratory

Todo List App

A simple Todo List App built with JavaScript. All datas are stored in localstorage. It helps users check list out their plans and tick as they do them.

Books Library App

A simple Book Library App built with JavaScript. It helps readers have a good list of books they are either currently reading or have finished reading.

Quotes Generator

Helps you generate quotes from about 1600 quotes written by different authors . Quotes are automatically copied to your clipboards.

Password Generator

Helps you generates random passwords, you can select what you want your password to entail and also you can copy generated password to clipboard.

Twitter UI Clone

Simple Twitter UI clone built with TailwindCSS and Vue Js. This covers only the homepage of Twitter UI. This is cool to get started with TailwindCSS as it helps understand basic concepts.

React Piano with Tone.js

Fully functional piano created using React.js and Tone.js. It uses the Web Audio API via the Tone.js library to generate sounds, and React.js for the UI.

Summon Me via Cyber Scrolls

If you're interested in conjuring up some digital magic together, if your mind is teeming with questions, or if you want me to light up your event with some tech-savvy insights, my inbox is just a keystroke away. Even if you just want to pop in for a virtual 'hello', I'll do my coding-ninja best to respond post-haste! So, here's to breaking the ice with a 'ping', instead of a pint. Over and out!

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